Health Care Optimism

A number of pundits, including Jack Hough in a recent column in Barrons, believe in an optimistic future for health care in America.  They opine that some combination of market forces and the power of innovation will rescue this country from our outsized expenditures on medical care.  I too believe in market forces and the … More Health Care Optimism

Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative

On Wednesday, I addressed the Noon Hour Philosophers audience on why the Fox Valley needs to change how health care markets work here and indicated several potential reform initiatives.  The audience of roughly 85 people heard an update on the talk I gave at Lawrence in October.  Below I provide an overview of the talk.  … More Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative

Does Might Make Right?

In his August 5th column in the Appleton Post-Crescent, Christian Schneider argued that voters, similar to politicians, are “willing to say anything to realize their ambitions” and, in particular “to be in charge.” Schneider’s observation suggests that they believe that “might makes right.”  Yet the fundamental purpose of democracy is to ensure that the people’s … More Does Might Make Right?

To Improve the Health of the Community

The Appleton Post-Crescent has invited me to be a guest columnist.  This means that I can submit a column roughly every three months.  My first contribution was published online Friday, March 9th and appears below. Nonprofit health care organizations, such as ThedaCare and Ascension, exist to serve their local communities. Their nonprofit status gives them … More To Improve the Health of the Community