Presentation on Fox Valley Health Care

FVHCTI Title Slide

The Fox Valley HC Presentation 2.1 highlighted three key observations:

  • Observation 1: Medical costs in the Fox Valley are unsustainable and unaffordable for many residents.
  • Observation 2: Local healthcare systems lack transparency and are unaccountable. In our opinion, unelected “elites” serve their institutions rather the community at large.
  • Observation 3: Local health care system and delivery reform can take place but will require local residents to actively demand serious reform.

The Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative proposed three primary changes to health care dynamics in the Fox Valley.

  • Make the Boards of Trustees accountable to the community rather than just the organization that selects them.
  • Establish a public sector purchasing cooperative with sufficient volume of potential patients to redirect funding towards the health of the Fox Valley population not out of the community or towards the takeover of competitors.
  • Change the character of our medical care systems and the perverse incentives of fee-for-service payment to incentives that encourage integrated health cooperatives with responsibility to be good stewards of community resources.


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